“Suits” outfits: workwear inspiration

« Suits » is a TV show available on Netflix and broadcasted on the cable network USA. It is set in a fictional lawfirm in New York, where the lawyers spend their entire time in the office, between legal and love affairs. I have quickly become addicted to that show for its stories but also its style. I guess the dresscode in the show is a bit less strict than in real life, but even if it could be repetitive, it is really inspiring when it comes to workwear, so here are a few tips from the show:

  • You need a few pencil skirts, for example a black, a beige/camel and a grey one. In summer, tuck a sleeveless top inside, a shirt in spring/autumn, and a thin sweater in winter.


suits tv style suits tv style suits tv style

  • Black and white is always a risk-free option:

suits tv style

  • When you wear trousers, tuck a blouse in it and wear a jacket:

suits tv style

  • Pull back your sleeves over your elbow, for comfort and style :

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 15.33.29 suits tv style

  • Wear a man’s watch with a feminine bracelet, several necklaces OR earrings, but not everything at the same time:

suits tv style


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