After university, I started working as a fashion writer, and turned to something completly different before opening in 2006 a website about fashion in French, called rienamemettre.com (litterally, “nothing to wear”. )

I have never been sponsored by brands and as I work on the side, I have always paid for the clothes myself and have never been scared to create outfits with clothes coming from non-glamourous chains !

I am French, I live in Paris but I enjoy writing in English (my future husband being English is actually a coincidence !) that’s why www.exfashionista.com is both in French and English.

If I’m still interested in fashion, I also want to write about lifestyle rather than being obsessed with fashion and wear stuff I don’t even really like… So if you’re like me, fed up with fast fashion, and caring more about style than fashion, I hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts !