2016 trends for brides

If you’re getting married this summer, you certainly already have your dress. Otherwise as i’m still looking for one (I’m getting married in October!), I’m sharing this in-depth study (!) of the 2016 stylish bride !

Lace is compulsory 

Lace is everywhere, as it is very romantic and vintage. Dresses like in the famous Sex and the city movie , all in satin, are a bit less trendy this year:

Sarah Jessica Parker dans Sex and the city movie
Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the city movie

So if you like satin, it could be nice to have some lace straps or a lace veil.

Illusion lace

Some brands have introduced a special fabric which is invisible on the skin, with lace sewn on it, so when you wear it, it looks like the lace is just a second skin, and I find that really gorgeous:


The comeback of the ball gown

Very simple: a lace bustier on a tulle skirt !

Two by Rosa Clara
Two by Rosa Clara

The mermaid dress: the new must-have shape

A regular fitted dress down to the knees, and a different fabric (usually tulle) with a flared effect from knees to toes.


The heart cleavage

The regular bustier used to be very popular but now, it has to be heart-shaped:


See-through legs

This dress is Chanel, and I love it. Poppy Delevingne wore it for her wedding… and Blake Lively as a regular cocktail dress. I love how the fabric is very thick on top and so light around the legs. I think it is quite similar to the mermaid trend above.

Poppy Delevingne et Blake Lively
Poppy Delevingne and Blake Lively

The vintage dress: not so trendy anymore ?

The 1920s are amazing when it comes to a lot of things, and of course the outfits. I love 1920s dresses and I was seriously thinking of wearing one for my wedding. The only thing is, I’m concerned that the 1920s vintage trend could be completely outdated in a few years, and it might end up looking like I was going to a fancy-dress party on wedding photos. So I think I should go for a more obvious wedding dress, or find a 1920s dress that really looks like a wedding dress… or wear a 1920s dress for the Sunday brunch only.

Robe années 20

A mix of it all ? 

The ideal for me would definitely be a mix of all that: A mermaid shape with different fabrics on top and bottom, some lace, a heart-shaped bustier, and some vintage twist to it, like sewn beads. I hopefully will find it ?

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